Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Qualms and Tights

For anyone who knows me, it goes without saying that I almost always wear a dress or sweats--there is no in between for me. If you stop by my apartment, I'll be in my pjs 99% of the time and if you see me on the street, I'll have one of the, ummm, 5 dresses I have here on. With a dress comes tights or leggings and then the problem.

I have such a hard time buying tights in Santiago. Well, that's not true. I have zero problem buying tights, but a big problem with making them fit correctly. One brand's size chart is nothing like the other and the whole talla única (one size fits all) thing doesn't work for me or anyone else I know. Seriously. This winter I bought this gorgeous pair of wool tights I was so excited to wear/be warm in and they didn't fit me or two of my other friends (we all have varied body types so it's a pretty good test of what this "one size" should be).

Today, I decided my outfit for something important would include black tights and then realized that I, with the help of my cat, had ruined every pair I had and thus needed a new one. My saint of a boyfriend went to about 10 different stores looking for what I wanted while I got ready. Saint Italo came back with 4 pairs that were all the same size and yet only two ended up working.

This is frustrating because I lose money when a pair doesn't work out since you typically can't return tights here, but also love the selection here in Chile so much I'd rather run the risk of losing out on some money.

What is my point here? Because I'm caught in this vicious tight buying and wearing cycle, I am in possession of virtually the entire Monarch inventory. If anyone should ever need tights or leggings in a pinch, just ask me! I've got about plenty of pairs to spare (yes, think Seinfeld).


Abby said...

I don't understand having talla unica for anything, unless it's an adjustable baseball cap or a scarf. But tights? I mean yes, they stretch, but there's a limit to that. There is nothing more uncomfortable than tights that don't fit.

Charlie ruined the tights I was wearing yesterday. Cat claws + tights do not mix!!

Katie said...

I bought two pairs of "one size fits all" tights last year and they don't fit me! They're far too short - and I'm tall, but I'm certainly not super tall.

Glad Italo found you a couple good pairs :)

lydia said...


i posted on just this a few months back haha the picture says it all

Isabel said...

Abby- YES, the cats and tights thing just doesn't work. McNulty attacks me every time I walk through the door with them on, They're too enticing, I think because they can make their own toys basically.

Katie- you make me feel better because I have this false idea that I never had a problem buying tights in the US. In fact, every time I go home I buy a bunch of plain ones to have here as backups.

Lydia- HAHA i forgot about that picture--it cracks me up! Did I already blog on this??? I definitely remember that you sent me that link.

Heather said...

Luckily I did remember reading Lydia's post and went to Target before I left and got about 4 pairs of the "Tall" size that are actually sized correctly and fit me! And since I left my cat at home I still have perfect tights here. ;)

Kyle said...

Hmmm, I've only bought a couple pairs of tights in Chile and they've never fit me so I just assumed that all tights ran small or something.

Italo is a saint. I mean, you know this, but he really is. There is NO way Seba would've done that for me!!!

PS. Check out my homepage today :)