Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Working Girl

So, not that I said anything about it on here (at least, I don't think I did), but according to my plans circa my last blog post I should be in Virginia eating pomegranates and drinking champagne with my mom right now...

BUT I'm in Santiago. With an incredible new job! No longer teaching English (no offense to English teachers. I love teaching, but never saw myself doing it long-term so I don't know how I made it through over 2 years of it).

I started my job at the beginning of October and tonight is the first night I haven't been too tired to do anything other than pour myself a glass of wine and jump into bed. Lucky for me I can still do that and on my new job's tab (not exactly but close enough).

I got a job working for a winery...a pretty damn cool one (winery and job), too. That means I'll be extending my life in Chile and maybe the life of this blog, although it hasn't had much of one lately.

After over a month of work, I'm feeling settled and comfortable and competent. My first few weeks were full of ups and downs as I was learning everything...EVERYTHING. You see, I went to this job interview and said, flat out, I have zero experience in two pretty big sections of this job description, but I really want it and I'll work hard and learn the stuff I don't know and presto-chango, I'm working 9-5 (in Chile it's actually 8:30 to 6:30 but there are no cool songs to allude to using that schedule).

So the job's going very well and I'm thrilled to have started what could very well be a *gulp* career, but my fingers are tired (I write all day for this job) and my glass of wine is full...or RE-full.


Annje said...

That is so exciting... sounds like a great job!

Heather said...

Congratulations! I've only been an English teacher for 3 months and I'd love to upgrade to a winery job. :) Good luck with everything!

Katie said...

What an awesome sounding job!! It sounds like you're having an awesome time - congratulations!

Caroline said...

uh hmm.... champagne and pomegranates with whom??

Margaret said...

I'm so happy that the job worked out! You were so definitely the perfect person for the position! You're going to be GREAT!

Isabel said...

Annje, Heather, and Katie - THANK YOU!

Caroline - AND my SISTER, of course!!!!

Peg - Im just seeing this -- thank you SO much....and thanks a million for your part in it!