Saturday, January 29, 2011

Summer Slump

I inevitably fall into a bit of a down period during the summer months in Chile. I really hate summers here because it's so hot and there's no rain. That, added to the fact that I'm still reliving my wonderful trip back in Virginia, makes this time the hardest one to be living in the southern hemisphere.

What does help me get me through these months is after work beers and weekly trips to the produce market to get gorgeous fruit and vegetables to cook. I also took it up a notch this year and joined a gym and got a personal trainer to make sure I stay busy until Fall.

I won't be too much of a downer here because once we get the first rain here and I get a whiff of Autumn air, I'll be rejuvenated. There's something so wonderful about Fall to me. Harvest time is the most wonderful time, in my opinion. I haven't experienced a Virginia fall in four years and I'm going a little bit crazy without it, but I make do with Chilean Fall. This year will be so much better because my job mandates trips to the winery to be a part of the grape harvest (sucks, I know!).

Just being around the changing leaves and the night smell will make me giddy and energized and excited about what's to come.

I remember when I was in high school and my English teacher was going over possible college application essay topics and one was choosing your favorite word. Mine was then and most likely always will be harvest. There is nothing that makes me feel more comfortable and at home than that word. It makes me think of Virginia Falls and annual trips to the Farm Aid concert and horses and apples and orange-colored leaves and just pure happiness.

So, amidst this wretched heat, I am comforted by the thought of Autumn, which of course makes me think of one of my two favorite Canadian musicians, Neil Young:


Lou said...

AMEN SISTER!!! I 100% feel the same way! I'm just counting the days until fall arrives! I've had enough of this heat already! Can't wait to start making those apple and pumpkin pies and nice squash soups, mmmmmm. Hang in there! Felipe tells me that January is the hottest month so as of February, things will start to look up :)

Caroline said...

love that song! the video is kind of hilarious though ;-)

Abby said...

I used to like summer in Santiago, and then this year happened. I realized I liked it because I always had February and a vacation to look forward to. However, this year is different and the heat is definitely getting me down. I feel like turning nocturnal and sleeping all day and being out all night when it's way cooler.

Isabel said...

Lou - I've already started making squash soups...I just can't wait hehe

C - yeah, the guy sweeping to the tune of the music is silly. I'm not sure what he ws trying to do there

Abby - I know what you mean. I'm so miserable in my apt until it gets dark and then I'm at least a little cooler.

Anonymous said...

Hola Chabelita - Thank you for reminding me about such a great Neil Young song, who is very much Canadian BTW.
I am a 'Chili bean' that lives in Canada and misses the gorgeous spring and fall (in southern Chile) also.
I fully understand your longing to be back "home".Hola Chabelita - Thank you for reminding me about such a great Neil Young song, who is very much Canadian BTW.
I am a 'Chili bean' that lives in Canada and misses the gorgeous spring and fall (in southern Chile) also.
I fully understand your longing to be back at home.
Here is a beautiful song about a man who misses the motherland,

Isabel said...

hola Anonymous,

Any fellow Neil Young fan is a friend of mine. And of course I know he's Canadian. It's funny you should mention that because I was just listening to a great This American Life show about Canadians with a great opening bit about Canadians (maybe even Chilean-Canadians?) telling you when other people are's funny and apparently true!

also, thanks for sharing a song! I love the sentiment of it and the mariachi-style horns, but I'm not a big fan of the Sandpipers

John Carr said...

Chabelita - I goofed! I messed up my comment here, and for that I apologize. I also did not mean to write as anonymous. My name is John Carr and I comment regularly on Margaret's blog.
I understand you not being a fan of Sandpipers. My intention was only to share the feeling and the song lyrics.
Besos y abrazos a la "Chilensi"

KM said...

glad you're back to blogging and that you had such a great trip to the US. also glad to hear you've managed to land a great job (you should be proud, those are few and far between in She-Lay for young gringos). i guess those dreams of law school have disappated? hopefully...if i could do a do-over, i woudln't have done that. ; ) on a separate note you and the other chile gringos get zero sympathy from yours truly - it's been raining ice for the last few days and has been gray and frigid for WEEKS!

Annje said...

It was so good to finally meet you the other day. I joke that after living in Texas, this doesn't feel that hot to me, and it is true, it doesn't get to me... we'll see next year... but I agree that fall is the best. I love the word harvest too and Neil Young!

Isabel said...

John- Now it makes more sense! Thanks again for the video...the sentiment is dead on.

KM- haha yes, I think law school is out of the picture now that I have a job I love. I think I'd be whining about the weather there, too but I'm still going to whine about the heat here :)

Annje- it doesn't surprise me that we like the same words and music, but it's still cool! it seems we also like the same books. and of course, it was so nice to finally meet you,too!